Registered Herefords : A Family Operation

Mark and Della Ehlke are 1st generation Hereford seedstock producers. Before starting their registered Hereford operation, they had a handful of commercial cattle in Helena, MT. Mark has had a lifelong interest in Hereford cattle and in 1994, after serving as a commercial judge at the MHA Winter Fair sale in Bozeman, he bought their first registered Hereford heifer, marking the official inception of Ehlke Herefords. Soon after that, they were offered the opportunity to lease 60 cows from Byron Bayers. They purchased some irrigated hay ground near Townsend, MT and moved their family and cattle to Townsend. After a few years of leasing, they were able to buy the Hereford cattle from Byron, and also bought a nice group of commercial black Angus cows that were heavily influenced by the genetics of North Fork Angus.

Their daughters, Lacey Jo and Jane’a were raised on the ranch and worked all aspects of the ranch. Since Mark and Della worked full time jobs in Helena, the ranch and cattle work all had to be taken care of after hours and on weekends and much of the work fell on the shoulders of the girls. The girls are now grown, but continue to own a group of cattle and help out on the ranch.

Ehlke Herefords has been able to make substantial improvements to their genetics and have increased the size of their operation several times over through retention of quality replacements, the infusion of outside genetics, through the focused use of AI and ET, some strategic purchases, and the addition of owned and leased grass. Because if these improvements Ehlke Herefords offers quality Herefords for sale each year.

Learn more about our registered Herefords by viewing our Sires and females, or go directly to view our cattle for sale. Ehlke Herefords is also part of a Hereford Sale in the Mohican West and Guests Sale, Thursday, September 26th, 2013. If you have questions regarding our Hereford sale or visiting the ranch, please give us a call at 406.266.4121 or visit our contact page.