High Quality Polled Hereford Cattle.

We strive for total out-cross pedigree options in our Polled Herefords. Ehlke Herefords continues to improve the genetics of their registered Hereford cattle herd through retention of quality replacements, the infusion of great outside genetics through the focused use of AI and ET, as well as strategic breeding purchases.

Among our herd sires is USA Tailor Made Syndicate. Tailor is a very powerful individual with full pigment. Tailor’s dam, 51F, is a super cow and the traveler offspring are becoming very popular. This bull is truly “tailor made”. Not only would Tailor improve your herd’s genetics, but the rest of our polled Herefords have great traits to improve your herd.

The Crossbred (F1) Cow & Hybrid Vigor (Heterosis)
Economically speaking, reproductive traits are the crucial component  in commercial beef cattle production and respond most to crossbreeding. Using Hereford bulls on Angus based cows will give producers advantages in profitability, cash flow, herd size, and retained fertility and longevity. The maternal characteristics and performance of these animals is truly impressive.

Ehlke Hereford Sires

Our Polled Hereford Bulls have been proven to perform. View the Sires that make up our quality breeding program. Strong Performance Bulls.


chucky2Ehlke Hereford Females

Our breeding philosophy is to focus on the female. It takes an exceptional cow to produce replacement quality breeding animals. Our focus is sound, functional females.


chucky3F1 Black Baldies & Hybrid Vigor

Research has shown that a crossbred cow is 8% more efficient than a purebred cow, lives 38% longer and has 25% more lifetime production in pounds of calf weaned.


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Cattle sold via Private Treaty and in the Mohican West & Guests Production Sale are saved for any future reference.