We sell F1 Black Baldy heifers for sale private treaty. 

Commercial Black Baldy Heifers (Heterosis | Hybrid Vigor)

We use the same criteria for these heifers as we do for the registered Hereford Heifers.  This results in a predictable group of black baldies. Black-baldy heifers excel in performance as replacement females in commercial pastures. Heterosis beneficially influences many traits that are important for increased beef production, including fertility and reproduction, calf survival — due to hardier calves — maternal ability, growth rate of young animals, efficiency and longevity.The moderate size and black baldie’s heterosis advantages over straight breds, make her the proven choice for many commercial ranchers. We strive to produce black baldies that will breed back quickly and wean over 50% of their body weight without creep or extra care.  We have approximately 120 to 150 of these F1 Black Baldy heifers for private treaty sale at the ranch annually.

heterosisWhy Black Baldies?

Several independent and well-respected studies have confirmed what many cattlemen already know—heterosis results in significant economic advantages for the commercial producer including:• Increased profitability • Increased cash flow • Larger herd size and production (for the same inputs) • Improved dispositions • Increased female fertility and longevity

The crossbred cow is the key to maximum beef production and profitability in a cow-calf operation since hybrid vigor in the cow produces phenomenal maternal advantages.To read about studies done by various ranches that confirm the success of a Hereford-Angus cross, please see the following articles: Project Proves Profitability of Hereford-Angus Cross : July 2009 Hereford World Herefords Work : October 2012 Hereford World Believing In Heterosis : February 2009 Hereford World

For information or to view our F1 black baldy replacement heifers, please give us a call at 406.266.4121 or visit our contact page.